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Adding peace and presence to life's joyous celebrations.

Why include yoga in your wedding event?

A wedding is one of life's most blissful moments. It is the celebration of a union, a linking of two souls. During the wedding preparation, a yoga class can be the prefect addition to any bride or groom’s wedding weekend, planning time or bachelorette festivities to help center, breathe, and add an element of calm to an event which is rightfully energetic and full of excitement. Taking time to connect with one’s self and each other can help keep us in the present, and remain aware and grounded during the momentous and celebratory occasion.

Why include Hudson Valley Wedding Yoga in your wedding planning or wedding event?

Hudson Valley Wedding Yoga will orchestrate a yoga class that is tailored to the needs and abilities of those attending the class. We coordinate all details of the class which includes finding the perfect instructor for your group and working out a schedule with the site location to make adding this to your wedding event seamless and stress-free. The classes include a guided meditation and breathwork to bring you into relaxation and to help calm any butterflies. To add ease to including a yoga class on your wedding weekend, all necessities are provided for those practicing, including mats and props, so those attending just have to show up in comfy clothes. We also have a location in Kingston, NY, to hold classes if you don't have a place for a yoga class at your wedding or bachelorette site. And private classes throughout the months of planning can help to remain calm during decision making and it is also a low impact workout that can also help get the body in shape.

Who should attend my wedding event yoga class?

We suggests any of these options when planning your wedding weekend:

  • A solo class for the bride or groom.

  • A class for the bride with her maid-of-honor or wedding party.

  • A partner yoga class for the bride and groom.

  • A class for the bride or groom with a parent or family members.

  • Wedding guests who are staying on site.

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