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Hudson Valley Wedding Yoga was started by me, Jacquelyn Nash, the bride in the picture. On the morning of my wedding in 2012, I remember feeling the importance of centering and getting a yoga practice in before the day began. So, alone in my hotel room, I moved furniture, rolled my mat out on the floor, and found the union of breath and movement to ease some nerves and to find some calm before a day of constant motion but continuous joy and celebration. As a yoga practitioner, I knew that if I hadn't done at least a little centering on this celebratory day, I might get caught up in constant busy-ness and forget to stay present in the excitement of each new moment. Reflecting back, I wish it had occurred to me how enjoyable it would have been to have started out the day practicing yoga my bridesmaids and mom.

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Since my wedding in 2012, yoga has gained even more recognition for all its benefits, from the physical and external to the emotional and internal.  And this rise in popularity has encouraged more brides and grooms to include the practice in some part of their wedding. While planning a wedding is exciting, it no doubt can also be stressful as the search for the perfect vendors and service-providers seems daunting. We want the experience of including yoga in your wedding event to be entirely stress-free and seamless.

Once you contact Hudson Valley Wedding Yoga with the details of your event, whether it be private classes throughout the wedding planning, a fun addition to a bachelorette party or weekend, or a calming class on the weekend of the wedding, we coordinate all details so that the class is exactly what you need to enhance your wedding event. We'll find out if there are specific needs or requests for your class, then we can pair you up with one of our trained and experienced teachers and will coordinate the details with the site to find out where to host the class. Our teachers are trained in teaching all levels and different styles of yoga, so we can make the experience tailored to what feels like the perfect compliment to your wedding event. We also have a partner yoga studio, The Yoga House, in Kingston, NY, to hold classes if you need another location option for hosting a yoga class. We provide all the necessary supplies, including yoga mats and props, to add to the ease of including a class in your event.


The Hudson Valley is known for its scenic landscapes, from the rivers to the mountains, which makes it a beautiful and majestic place to hold a wedding. The valley is also know for its population that believes in holistic living and well-being. We want to bring that focus on well-being to you if you decide to hold your wedding event in the special place in the northeast. We'll travel throughout the Hudson Valley and the Catskills to provide you with the perfect yoga class to add ease and calm to your wedding plans.

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